Ashlynn Ella

Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella(original fairytale version) is a friend to Apple White and Blondie Locks in "Ever After High".   She is obsessive with shoes and runs her own shoe shop The Glass Slipper Shoe Store. She is secretly dating Hunter who is a Rebel while she is a Royal. She has long decorated ginger hair, green eyes, red flower headband, a blue dress with flowers on the skirt, see through coverings on her sleeves and skirt, pink puffy sleeves and glass sandals. She is voiced by Laura Bailey


Ashlynn Ella is sweet and kind towards her friends. However, she can't tell them about her relationship with Hunter Huntsman, son of the Huntsman because against StoryBrooke law is that Royals and Rebels can't date. Ashlynn runs her store, The Glass Slipper Shoe Store though at times she might need help once in a while.

She first appears as one of the victims of the villains' music spell in "MCF Families Reunited at Last episode "The Musical Mystery", but the MCF, along with Raven Queen have to stop the villain and succeeds in getting the students including Ella out of the villain's spell.


  • We don't know which version of Cinderella is her mom, but she has the look alike appearence of Giselle from "Enchanted."
  • Her and Hunter's romance is simular to Romeo and Juliet.
  • Ashlynn's namesake is a pun off of her mother's own name.
  • In the end of part three of True Hearts Day special, she tells people to call her 'Ashlynn Ella the Rebel' after saying she loves Hunter and he is her 'Prince Charming'. If it stands like this in the other web episodes, this will make her the first character to change sides. (Royal becoming a Rebel.)


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(episode: The Starian Secret: The Musical Mystery)
  • MCF and the Ever After High(upcoming)

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