Armand the Octopus

Armand the Octopus holding Jasmine in his clutches

Armand the Octopus is a major antagonist in the "Aladdin" TV show. He is Saleen's pet octopus and guardian. He is not spoken, but he's very good at doign people's hair. He is loyal to Saleen even if out of fear.


Armand first appeared with Saleen in the episode, "Elemental my dear Jasmine,".  He is first seen styling Jasmine's hair, then holding her captive to stop her from getting to the surface during Saleen's first attempt to steal Aladdin and later fighting Genie, Abu Iago and Carpet. Genie finally overpowers him and ties him upside down to a fishing post.

In "Shark Treatment,"  Sadira casts a spell on Aladdin with a mystical starfish turning him into a shark. She completely ignores Armand and he feels jealous and unwanted, so he helps Genie and the others break the spell and even traps his mistress in a glass bubble. Later when they all vanish into the sunset, Armand frees Saleen, who shows her affection to him again and vows that they will get them next time. However Armand seems reluctant and they are both never seen or mentioned in the series again.

He is set to debut in "MCF: The Siren's Curse" where he is supposed to keep Daisy prisoner, but she foils him.


  • MCF: The Siren's Curse(debut)