Arendelle Castle is the home of Anna and Elsa in the film Frozen. It is located in a Norwegian based land.Tracy and Tricia have visited the castle from time to time and they have lived in it during MCF and the Ice Queen

Places of InterestEdit

  • Elsa's Bedroom: Where Elsa sleeps and also where she mostly stays and hardly ever comes out. Tricia stays with Elsa in her room during MCF and the Ice Queen
  • Anna's Bedroom: Where Anna sleeps. It used to be the nursery (a la Peter Pan) for Anna and Elsa until they had to be separated. Tracy sleeps here from time-to-time after she was separated from her sister and Elsa during the events of MCF and the Ice Queen. Annie had stayed with Anna and Elsa until she and Anna were separated from their sisters.
  • Tracy and Annie's 'Bedroom': Tracy and Annie sleeps here.
  • Seamus and Doyle's Bedroom: Seamus and Doyle sleeps when they stay with their girlfriends while visiting Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Dylan.
  • The King and Queen's Quarters: Where the King and Queen slept until their deaths. Seamus and Doyle were asked to sleep in here if they wanted to but refused to.
  • The Library: Where Elsa practices holding the scepter and orb but freezes the candle and jewelry box. And where Hans locks Anna and leaves her to freeze to death until Olaf comes to her rescue.
  • The Ballroom: Where balls usually are held.
  • The Council Chamber: Where meetings are held.
  • The Hallways: Where Anna slides on the wood wearing socks.
  • The Portrait Room: Where Anna talks to the paintings and pictures for company.
  • The Garden: Where Anna roams around and sees her Goose and gosling friends.
  • The Courtyard: Where the crowd of people hang during the coronation and in the end where Elsa creates an ice rink.
  • The Great Hall:  Where Anna and Elsa used to play in with Elsa's magic snow. Then on Elsa's coronation there was a party until Elsa accidentally exposes her powers. And Elsa's throne is there.
  • The Balcony: Where Hans and Anna spend time with each other.
  • The Clocktower: Where Anna and Hans act like the clock figures for fun.
  • The Lightower: Where Anna and Hans dance in the light.
  • The Stables: Where Anna and Hans play hide-and-seek where the horses are kept.
  • The Castle Towers: Where Anna and Hans hang and explore.
  • The Gates: They are usually closed but then they were open for the coronation.
  • The Dungeon: Where Elsa was held prisoner until she escapes.
  • The Roofs: Where Anna and Hans sat for a while. Later Olaf and Anna slide down them to escape the castle.


  • MCF and the Ice Queen (Debut)
  • A MCF Christmas (Return)

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