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Anne-Marie is the orphan in "All Dogs Go to Heaven". She is gifted with the ability to speak with animals. She is the first human Charlie B. Barkin befriends when he returns to Earth. She has short raven hair, blue eyes, a blue top with a yellow puffy sleeves, a red skirt with yellow patches on it and a yellow headband, white panties, blue stockings and black Mary Janes. She is voiced by the late Judith Barsi.


Anne-Marie first appears in the basement talking to Longtail the rat, ordered by Carface. Her special gift is to talk to animals, but Carface uses it to see which rat is going to win the race. Charlie, taking this idea to an advantage, rescues Anne-Marie and takes her and Itchy to the race-track. Anne-Marie refuses to talk to the horse, but Charlie promises her to help the poor like Robin Hood in the story she read(even though the book he had was "War and Peace") and find her adoptive parents. They find out that a broken-down horse Grand Chawhee's birthday is today so they make a bet on him, not before meeting a couple named Harold and Kate who Charlie stole a wallet from. They win the horse race as well as other races winning enough cash to buid a casino all their own, though all the while bought Anne-Marie new clothes. When Anne-Marie saw the ruse, she tries to storm off, but Charlie assures her that they'll help the poor. They go to the old church where his friend Flo tends the orphans and give the orphans pizza and cake. Anne-Marie finds the wallet and realizes Charlie stole it before she goes to sleep for the night. The next morning, she delievers the wallet to the couple and Harold and Kate decide to adopt Anne-Marie. Just then, Charlie shows up and tricks her into leaving the home and they almost get shot by Carface and eaten by King Gator, but Charlie's howl makes King Gator their ally in taking them to New Orleans. All the while, Anne-Marie gets pnemonia which is stated by Flo. She goes downstairs and sees Charlie and Itchy arguing because Charlie grew soft for the girl instead of the casino in whch Carface's men burnt down. Anne-Marie overhears Charlie saying that he was using teh girl and she runs away in tears only to be captured by Carface. Charlie goes to rescue her and not wanting to give up his life, he summons King Gator to knock the ship to free Anne-Marie from his cage. However, it caused oil to spill into the river, setting it on fire and Anne-Marie was on a crate unconcious. Charlie won the battle against Carface, but he goes into rescue Anne-Marie, but at teh same time, his watch slips off and sinks. Deciding to choose a good heart over his life, he pushes Anne-Marie on a raft for shore where Killer, Carface's henchman pushes her to safety and everyone takes her to the hospital. The next night, it is revealed that Harold and Kate adopted Anne-Marie and Itchy. She looks and sees Charlie there to say goodbye, for he didn't want to tell her that he just died giving up his life for her and is going to heaven. She smiles and says goodbye before she falls asleep and Charlie ascends to Heaven.

MCF Stories

In the first episode of "Mystery Case Files: Teh Fanfiction" "Meet Emmy or the First Mystery", she is oen of the orphans who was captured, before being rescued by the forming MCF.

She returns in "MCF: Adventures in Sophie-Sitting" as one of the kids captured by Cackletta for a spell since one of the ingredients is an orphan. She is latre saved by the MCF.

She returns in "MCF: Families Reunited At Last" episode, "Switched Minds" in which she switches bodies by accident with Jak.

In "RMCF: Toll of a Belladonna" Anne-Marie becomes a member of the Rookie Mystery Case Files, mirroring that during "Families Reunited at Last", Skyla becomes a MCF member as one of the tasks to find Emmy's mom. 


  • Mystery Case Files The Fanfiction(debut)
  • MCF: Adventures in Sophie-sitting(return)
  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(episode: Switched Minds)
  • RMCF: Toll of a Belladonna
  • RMCF: Dragon-Marie


  • Despite differences in the movies, Anne-Marie is the girlfriend of David from "All Dogs Go to Heaven 2".
  • Her appearence reminds people of Snow White from the Disney film of the same name.
  • She is and Ducky from "The Land Before Time" are the only characters to be voiced by Judith Barsi because after "All Dogs Go to Heaven" was finished filming, her actress was murdered in a homicide.
  • She is simular to Penny from "The Rescuers."

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