Anne Darrow

Ann Darrow with director C.B. Denham

Ann Darrow is the female main protagonist of "The Mighty Kong", the kid-friendly version of King Kong. Like her movie counterparts, she is captured by Kong, falls in love with Jack Driscoll and becomes an actress after CB Denham sees her try to steal an apple which is what kicks the plot ahead. She is set to debut in "MCF Goes to Hollywood." Ann is a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore many outfits, but her famous one is the white dress during the sacrifice to Kong. When she's in the water, her hair is simular to Ariel's.She is voiced by Jodi Benson.


Ann was a poor girl, striving for food and she was trying to steal an apple until C.B. Denum, a film maker found her and made her to star in a movie in the jungle of a remote island. During the voyage, she falls in love with a sailor named Jack Driscoll. Once they reach the island, Ann was captured by natives who offer her as a sacrifice to their 'god', a giant ape by the name of Kong. However, Kong falls in love with her too. He grabs her and gets rid of her crew. Jack rescues her while C.B takes Kong to the city to be the next attraction. Ann and Jack get engaged.

Ann Darrow in the water during "Dolly of Papali Oli"

However, she is captured by Kong again after he escapes C.B's theatre. He takes her to the Empire State Building, but the planes took him down. She and Jack are reunited and are relieved when Kong survives the fall.

MCF Stories Edit

She is set to debut in "MCF Goes to Hollywood" where she's the famous movie star the MCF have to find for a ransom case.


  • MCF Goes to Hollywood(debut)


  • Jodi Benson who plays Ann Darrow in "The Mighty Kong" also played Thumbelina in "Thumbelina" and Ariel in "The Little Mermaid".

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