Me in sherlock 4 by gamergirl14-d5vjrgu

Amy's look during her days on solving cases with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson

Amelia Theresa “Amy” Elesson is a future MCF member that joins the team around Season 6 of Mystery Case Files series. She makes her first appearance in Season 3 as an Ally in MCF and the Labyrinth but appears again in Season 6.

As a child she is voiced by Cherami Leigh(who voices Patty Thompson from Soul Eater) . Her current voice is voiced by Kate Higgins (who voices Sakura Haruno from Naruto and also the New Voice for Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury from the Viz Media dub of both Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal). As an Adult She is voiced by Shelley Calene-Black ( who voices Najenda from Akame ga Kill)

Bio Edit

A young student from a wealthy family, eldest of her siblings and a second colleague to Sherlock Holmes now becoming an MCF member. She is currently solving cases before her MCF membership as well as gaining potential students as Rookies and Crusaders while having other students for a future MCF school.

More info on her coming soon in a planned upcoming backstory.

Personality Edit

  • Smart
  • Independent
  • Observant
  • Kind
  • Naïve (when she was young) (more on that in MCF: The Mystery of Amy)
  • Optimistic
  • Perseverant 

Abilities and Skills Edit

She doesn't have any powers or magic but she can use her tactics and strategy to get herself out of any situation. She can also prove to enemies that she can be strong without any powers. Amy also uses her detective skills and self-defense fighting without any use of magic. She teaches her students like Applebloom, Isabella, Abigail/Numbuh 5, Pipsqueak, Inkling Boy/Blue, Inkling Girl/Orange and Frisk that you can overcome obstacles without any magic or powers.

Appearances Edit

  • MCF and the Labyrinth (First Appearance as an Ally)
  • MCF: Amy's First Mission (Start of her membership) (Second appearance)
  • MCF: The Forgotten World of Disney
  • MCF: The Secret of the Unicorn
  • MCF: The Mystery of Amy (Working Title) (Backstory)
  • MCF: Mystery from the Past
  • MCF: A Sprixitastic Adventure (An Adventure with her Students)

Trivia Edit

  • She's a non-magical member on the team
  • She's a mix of Batman and Captain America since both of those super heroes don't have powers
  • Used to have Necrophobia but got over it thanks to Sherlock
  • She and her students have something in common; all of them don't have powers
  • Acts like a big sister to her MCF studentst and to her new friend Carl Clover