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Allyson Lopez is an OC created by trachie17 and DisneyGal1234. She has not made any appearances yet in an MCF story but will appear in a future story. She is voiced by Cree Summers.


Allyson is an old childhood friend of Seamus and went to Hogwarts alongside him becoming really close over the years (even having a small crush on him) though after Hogwarts once she found out about Seamus's relationship with Tracy her. She realized how happy they were and let them be together and remained friends with Seamus. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is a 17 year old girl with short shoulder length red hair aquamarine eyes, wearing a blue and white dress, pink tights and blue shoes.


She is shown to be very kind and caring to people and as well as always ready to lend a hand when Seamus needs her help.'

MCF AppearancesEdit


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