Aiko in her witch form

Aiko Senoo is one of the three main protagonist of Ojamajo Doremi(Magical Do-Re-Mi) and is the tomboy of the group. She has blue hair, a green shirt, orange overalls and shoes, but in her witch form, she has a blue witch hat, dress and gloves and boots; She is voiced by Mirabelle Haywood


Originating from Osaka, Aiko came to Misora with her father for his job as a taxi driver. She befriended Doremi and Hazuki after they realized her rude behavior wasn't meant to cause any harm. After her dad mysteriously vanished before them, Doremi had no choice but to show the Maho-do to Aiko and Hazuki. In order to keep the secret from others, Majorika decided to make them apprentice witch too. Aiko is known for her distinctive way of speaking compared to the others, and often complains when someone imitates it. She also has the Osaka comedy routine down and is a very smart bargainer.

Aiko does not enjoy discussing or diving too far into her past because of the drama that came with it. She also does not like to be pitied so finds it better not to say anything.

When both parents got a little careless, Aiko had been injured and rushed to the hospital. They would constantly argue and fight and one day just chose to separate. Aiko chose to stay with her father because she was sure he'd struggle to take care of himself. Aiko loves her mother and misses her deeply, so as a result she keeps in touch with her and has secret meetings with her.

It also was shown that Aiko's father tried to help her swim during baths but it never helped and she never learned to swim. She specifically points blame to her dad for it.

Aiko was also terrified of her grandfather because of his violent tendencies towards her mother, and as a result struggles to get close to Doremi's grandfather, compared to the other girls.

Despite this, her parents fall in love and remarry in the show.

In the last episode of "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction" she appears as one of the people on Predator Island that the MCF meet up. She along with the othesr and the predators who live on the island manage to destroy Jafar, the villain responsible for the girls' seperation at birth.


  • It can be considered rare when both of Aiko's shoulder straps stay on.
  • Aiko likes to put her hands between her overalls and her t-shirt instead of using her pockets.
  • Despite the problems she had with Onpu when she first arrived. Aiko seems to have forgotten she was also like this when she first arrived. Though when Momoko appeared she suddenly remembered that they both had a similar problem and did not even mention Onpu.
  • The characters in Aiko's name are Little Sister Tail, Love Child. (Seno = Little Sister, o = Tail, ai = Love, and Ko = Child).
  • Aiko's last name has been spelled as both Seno, and Senoh. Though its official spelling is Senoo.
  • Out of the main five girls, Aiko is third oldest.
  • Aiko is the first ojamajo to be shown performing the transformation right. 
  • Aiko is slightly like Konata Izumi from Lucky Star. Both of them are good at sports, have hair that sticks up at the top of their head, and both do not have mothers that live with them.
  • Aiko can play the drums.
  • Aiko is one of the only witches to normally ride her broom with her legs crossed.
  • Specifically Aiko comes from Tengachaya, Osaka. Only mentioned once in her debut episode.
  • It is unknown at this point when she will return.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(Debut; episode: Predator Mysteries)

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