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Ahiru Arima(Duck) is the main protagonist of the series Princess Tutu. She is a friendly, kind-hearted duck who was given a magic pendant, which turns her into a teenage girl. This pendant also allows Duck to turn into her alter-ego, the wise and graceful Princess Tutu. Ahiru is a friendly, kind-hearted character. Like a duck, she is easily excitable, clumsy, and talkative. It is shown in the anime that she can be extremely scatterbrained and uncollected in a nervous situation. In her human form, Duck has bright orange hair that is braided, with a large strand that sticks up, icy blue eyes, and light skin with freckles. She nearly always wears her school uniform, except for when she is Princess Tutu, who wears a white ballerina dress with light pink lining that has a few blue tails behind it, light pink toe shoes and a more decorative form of her pendant necklace. As a duck, she is yellow with bright blue eyes, with one single feather that sticks up at the top of her head.She is voiced by Luci Christian

Bio Edit

Ahiru was an ordinary yellow duckling until she saw the princedancing on the lake and looking lonely. Hearing her desire to bring him happiness, she was given a pendant by Drosselmeyer which gave her the ability to transform into Princess Tutu. If Duck removes the pendant or quacks while talking, she transforms back into a duck and must touch water while wearing the pendant to return to her human form.

Later on, to save Mytho, her pendant gives her the power to transform into Princess Tutu. Because she is now a part of Drosselmeyer's story, Ahiru/Tutu will turn into a speck of light and vanish if she confesses her love to Mytho. Nonetheless, Duck continues to transform to help return his missing heart shards back to him. She later falls in love with Fakir, despite the two having a bitter relationship with each other at first. She befriends Rue, and cannot believe her when she turns into Kraehe, believing that Rue is still there. In the end of the story she is very happy to see Rue and Mytho having their happy ending.

MCF Stories Edit

Ahiru has yet to appear in a MCF Season 6 story, but she becomes a Rookie as a student.

Appearences Edit

  • Unknown RMCF story

Trivia Edit

  • Her relationship with Fakir is simular to that of Derek and Odette from The Swan Princess
    • Ironically, her role is basically almost simular to the Swan Princess ballet.

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