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Adagio Dazzle is the main antagonist of Rainbow Rocks and leader of the Dazzlings. She debuts in Rock and Rule as the main antagonist with her bandmates eventually becoming a rival to MCF member Tricia Romanov, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle in MCF stories. She is voiced by Kazumi Evans who also does the singing voice for Rarity and Princess Luna.

Development and DesignEdit

In late January 2014, Meghan McCarthy was asked regarding DJ Pon-3 "Is Vinyl Scratch's canon name really Adagio Dazzle?" and answered "Nope."In early April 2014, Michael Vogel stated that "Adagio is AWESOME." Her cutie mark varies across depictions, but always includes at least one gem.

Like those of her bandmates Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze, Adagio Dazzle's wings are translucent and non-feathered. Human Adagio Dazzle resembles Unnamed Girl #11.

In music terms, the word "adagio" is a tempo marking indicating that music is to be played slowly.


The Dazzlings, including Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze, appear in My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks as the main antagonists; Adagio Dazzle is shown on the cover of its novelization My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks: The Mane Event.

In the film, Adagio and the other Dazzlings are introduced in the human world. They are sirens from Equestria who were banished to the human world by Star Swirl the Bearded. They are first seen in a café causing tension between the patrons when they witness the Equestrian magic that brought Sunset Shimmer to her downfall in the first film. Later, Sunset gives a tour of the school to Adagio and the other Dazzlings and tries to be friendly, but she gets suspicious when Sonata Dusk randomly blurts out that they sing "to get people to do what we want" and Adagio gets defensive over her pendant. Soon after, they convince all of the students except the main five and Sunset with their music to turn the friendly Musical Showcase into an all-out Battle of the Bands.

140px-Adagio Dazzle anthro ID EG2

Adagio's Anthro form.

Adagio and the Dazzlings use their siren's songs to control student opinion and advance through the competition bracket. When the only bands between them and first place are the Rainbooms and Trixie and the Illusions, Adagio manipulates Trixie into removing the Rainbooms from the competition entirely. In the final battle against the Rainbooms, Adagio and the Dazzlings are eventually defeated and the gem pendants with which they controlled the students are destroyed. As a result,
200px-Adagio Dazzle Siren ID EG2

Adagio's transparent Siren form.

their inability to sing leads to them being chased off in disgrace.

Aside from flashbacks, Adagio's true form is never physically shown in the film, but she and her fellow band members gain pony-like ears, extended ponytails, and translucent bat-like wings. They also summon astral projections of their true siren forms from their pendants.


Throughout the film, Adagio Dazzle is shown to be scheming, manipulative, and only concerned with gaining power and being adored by others. She is able to sway student opinion with ease and trick Trixie into removing the Rainbooms from the competition. She also displays a degree of sadism, seen when taking advantage of Sunset Shimmer's insecurities, and a considerable level of intelligence, as she quickly recognizes the Rainbooms as a source of magic. Adagio bears contempt toward her fellow sirens Aria and Sonata, calling them "idiots" and generally disliking their company.

MCF StoriesEdit

Adagio first debuts with Sonata and Aria in MCF: Rock and Rule as the main antagonist with her band mates Sonata and Aria where they seek to regain their power at Cartoon Town High after the events of Rainbow Rocks only for them to be stopped by the Mystery Case Files and Sunset Shimmer. Though their mark on the school inspired Shirona Tennyson to create a spell that makes them be able to do what Adagio and the Dazzlings failed to do though they eventually get defeated by the MCF, Sunset and the Mane Six  She and the Dazzlings ater become the girls rivals with Adagio becoming Sunset, Twilight's and Tricia's rivals and Sonata being Emmy and Pinkie Pie's rival.

MCF AppearancesEdit

  • MCF: Rock and Rule (Debut)
  • MCF: The New Sunset (Mentioned Only)
  • LXMB: The Great Fusilli(Cameo)
  • MCF and the Magic Lamp (Return)
  • MCF: Gravity Battle (Upcoming)
  • MCF: Into the Woods


  • It is possible Adagio and Shirona might form a friendship in future stories.
  • Kazumi Evans who is the speaking and singing for Adagio is also the singing voice of Rarity and Luna as well as the speaking voice for Octavia.