The Entrance of Acme Looniversity

Acme Looniversity is the school of the Tiny Toons in "Tiny Toons Adventures." It is taught by the most famous Looney Tunes cartoon characters including Bugs Bunny. This is the school Raina transfers to in "MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons."


  • Bugs Bunny
  • Daffy Duck
  • Yosemite Sam
  • Elmer Fudd
  • Porky Pig
  • Taz
  • Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
  • Speedy Gonzalez
  • Sylvester
  • Tweety Birds
  • Foghorn Leghorn
  • Granny
  • Pepe Le Pew


  • Buster Bunny
  • Babs Bunny
  • Montana Max
  • Little Beeper
  • Calamity Coyote
  • Shirley the Loon
  • Hamton Pig
  • Plucky Duck
  • Fifi Le Fume
  • Gogo Dodo
  • Dizzy Devil
  • Elmyra Duff
  • Sweetie Pie
  • Concord Condour
  • Furball
  • Various Students
  • Raina(new student)
  • Bev Bighead(in flashback)


  • SPOILER: At the end of the story, Raina accepts Bugs' offer to stay being taught at Acme Looniversity, thus becoming it her permanant summer type school.


  • MCF: Welcome to Tiny Toons(debut)

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