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Aaron Guraseru
Aaron1248 aka Aaron Guraseru is Jessy's boyfriend. Like his girlfriend, he's a big eater and he and Jessy have vore fantasies. Aaron, whenever around Jessy is helpful, but also shy because of his crush on her which Jessy feels the same way. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, a green hoodie, blue pants and sneakers. He is 'voiced' by Jason Griffth.


Aaron and Jessy have been dating a long time now. Like his best friend, Cedric with Raina, he is truely in love with Jessy, vowing to protect her from her suitors and help her out with her and her friends' cases. In certain stories, Aaron is very helpful to the team no matter what it is.

In "LMXB: First Case" he and his group want to do a case like their girlfriends do. So they form their own team called the LMXB. In JLMXB: Jungle Adventure, he forms a bond with Jonny Quest and when Jonny becomes part of the Junior LMXB, Aaron becomes his teacher.


Like Jessy with OogieJess, Aaron can turn into a monster by drinking a potion as well. BoogieTeen4 is like his archnemisis Oogie Boogie except with his hair, and hoodie and he's skinny unless he eats some people. As BoogieTeen4, he is charasmatic, charming, suave and hungry. He has a friendly rivalry with HarPI(his best friend Cedric) when it comes to crooning. BoogieTeen4 turns back into Aaron by two ways. 1) The potion wears off  or 2) he kisses his true love, Jessy.


  • Aaron is one of the people who usually eat Jessy(only if he's a giant or in his BoogieTeen4) and she doesn't mind it.
  • Aaron calls Jessy by Hime which means Princess in Japanese.
  • Aaron is revealed to be a Godzilla fanatic as shown in "LMXB: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things"


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut)
  • Boys, We Shrunk the Authoresses
  • A Very MCF Christmas
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare
  • MCF: The Return of Valdroyna
  • Journey Through the Jungle
  • MCF on Black Isle
  • The Greatest Summer Rescue Ever
  • MCF: Mystery of the Voice
  • MCF: Child Problems
  • MCF: The Replacements(non-speaking cameo as his BoogieTeen4 form)
  • MCF: A Halloween Mystery
  • MCF: Halloween Fright
  • MCF: Twisted Love
  • MCF: Mystery in the Smoke Mirror
  • MCF: A Thanksgiving Mystery
  • MCF: A Christmas Mystery
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire
  • MCF: A Christmas Carol
  • MCF: The Return of Rasputin
  • MCF: Isle of Music and Dreams
  • MCF: A Mystery Wedding

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