A Very Nice Prince - "Into the Woods" Original Movie clip (Anna Kenrick and Emily Blunt)03:45

A Very Nice Prince - "Into the Woods" Original Movie clip (Anna Kenrick and Emily Blunt)

A Very Nice Prince is a song from "Into the Woods". In the song, Cinderella tells teh Baker's wife about her encounter at the ball while the Baker's wife wants to know about the prince whom she danced with. When she realized Cinderella is wearing the last ingredients to remove the curse, Cinderella runs away and so does Milky White, Jack's cow just before the Witch warns her that the first midnight is gone.

Lyrics Edit

[CINDERELLA] He's a very nice Prince.


[CINDERELLA] And- It's a very nice ball.


[CINDERELLA] And- When I entered they trumpeted.

[BAKER'S WIFE] And-? The Prince-?

[CINDERELLA] Oh, the Prince...

[BAKER'S WIFE] Yes, the Prince!

[CINDERELLA] Well, he's tall.

[BAKER'S WIFE] Is that all? Did you dance? Is he charming? They say that he's charming.

[CINDERELLA] We did nothing but dance.

[BAKER'S WIFE] Yes-? And-?

[CINDERELLA] And it made a nice change.

[BAKER'S WIFE] No, the Prince!

[CINDERELLA] Oh, the Prince...

[BAKER'S WIFE] Yes, the Prince.

[CINDERELLA] He has charm for a Prince, I guess...

[BAKER'S WIFE] You guess?

[CINDERELLA] I don't meet a wide range.

And it's all very strange.

Singers Edit

  • Cinderella and the Baker's Wife(Into the Woods)
  • Raina and Rookies(MCF: The Mystery of Raina)

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