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Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - A Guy Like You02:58

Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" - A Guy Like You

A Guy Like You is a song from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. in the song, the Gargoyles, Hugo, Victor and Laverne sing to Quasimodo who they think has a crush on Esmerelda, the gypsy that he helped and his friend Phoebus's future wife in a fun, Broadway-style number. Placing a comedic song after a dark, intense scene such as "Hellfire" is a common technique allowing the audience to release tension in an appropriate time, thus allowing the climax to be appropriately dramatic.

Bio Edit

Hugo: Paris, the city of lovers Is glowing this evening True, that's because it's on fire But still, there's "l'amour" Somewhere out there in the night Her heart is also alight And I know the guy she just might Be burning for A guy like you She's never known, kid A guy like you A girl does not Meet every day You've got a look That's all your own, kid Could there be two...? Victor and Laverne: ...Like you? All Three: No way! Hugo: Those other guys That she could dangle All look the same From every boring Point of view You're a surprise From every angle Mon Dieu above She's gotta love A guy like you Victor: A guy like you Gets extra credit Because it's true You've got a certain Something more Hugo: You're aces, kid Laverne: You see that face You don't forget it Victor and Laverne: Want something new? Hugo: That's you All Three: For sure! Laverne: We all have gaped At some Adonis Victor: But then we crave a meal More nourishing To chew Hugo: And since you've shaped Like a croissant is All Three: No question of She's gotta love A guy like you! Laverne: Call me a hopeless romatic But Quasi, I feel it Victor: She wants you so, any moment She'll walk through that door All Three: For Hugo: A guy so swell Victor and Laverne: A guy like you Hugo: With all you bring her Victor and Laverne: I tell you Quasi Hugo: A fool could tell Victor and Laverne: There never was Hugo: It's why she fell Victor and Laverne: Another, was he? Hugo: For you-know-who Victor and Laverne: From king to serf To the bourgeoisie Hugo: You ring the bell Victor and Laverne: We notice every string there All Three: You're the bell ringer! When she wants ooh-la-la Then she wants you-la-la She will discover, guy You're one heck of a guy Who wouldn't love a guy Like you? Hugo: You got a lot Victor: The rest have not Hugo: So she's gotta love A guy like... All three:!

Singers Edit

  • The Gargoyles(The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

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