5 is a character from the movie "9". He is also known as the healer because he is a doctor to the group. He is a brown ragdoll with tin feet and fingers, buttons on his stomach and a tin mark on his head after he had lost one of his eyes from an attack with the Source. He is voiced by John C. Reilly


5 appears tending to a wounded 9 and explains that 1 is in charge of the whole thing and 9 becomes friends with him so he and the others defy 1 and go look for 2. They manage to find him, but the machine kills 2, then 8. After the attack, 5 finds out that the machine is still alive and the Machine kills him. When 9, his love interest 7 and their friends 3 and 4 finally kill the machine, they release 5 along with 1, 2, 6. and 8's spirits allowing them to go live in peace.

In "MCF: A Lost Wander' he ran away for his own problems which is unexplained. However, he is the first to find out the hotel isn't all that they seem and that they must escape before the Eclipse family sucks their souls.


  • 5 is the third person to die in the movie, however, he is revived in "MCF: A Lost Wander", which will be explained. 


  • MCF: A Lost Wander(Debut)

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